Rebels Rebels Podcast

S3E8 - The Wynkahthu Job w/ Wait a Dune Minute and Mean Girls Minute host Liz Whitaker

October 29, 2019

The Ghost crew teams with Hondo and Azmorigan for a weapons score.

Mike, Peter, and guest Liz get really weird and loopy in this one as we chat about Azmorgan and Hondo, a toilet planet, and Peter adds super obscure drops that only make him and his wife laugh. If you know what the drop at 8:45 is, hit us up on Twitter!

Liz is the host of the completed Mean Girls Minute and the upcoming Wait a Dune Minute, a "minute-by-minute podcast giving some tough love to one of the greatest cinematic endeavors since shadow puppets on cave walls (Dune)". We will need to be guests on that one.

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