Rebels Rebels Podcast

S3E17 - Twin Suns - Rebels Rebels Special Edition

March 3, 2020

This is a special episode. We are celebrating one of the finest entries into the Star Wars canon, as we discuss Season 3, Episode 17 - Twin Suns. We discuss the impact of Rise of Skywalker on the story, Obi-Wan and Maul's love for each other, and we have tons of guests and calls!

This episode features interviews and calls from:
- Katie Horn from the Wampa's Lair Podcast
Da7e Gonzales from The Storm podcast, Fighting in the War Room, Polygon, Thrillist, and more
Johnamarie Macias from Geeky Bubble podcast and Radical Grid
Brandon Wainerdi from Talking Bay 94
Manny (funny guy from Twitter)
Contest Winner Sam

This episode also features special music from Final Blast / Luke Robinson. You can hear his AWESOME Duel of the Fates cover at his Bandcamp, or check out his metal music on Facebook. Thanks Luke!

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