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S2E14 - Legends of the Lasat w/ FANDOM’s Brandon Rhea, official Tweeter for Wookieepedia

December 3, 2018

Thanks to intel from the space pirate Hondo, the Ghost crew rescue two Lasat from Imperial clutches. These survivors believe Zeb is the key to a prophecy that will lead to a new home for their kind—but Zeb, conflicted and ashamed of his failure to save Lasan, has little faith.

Mike and Peter get mystical with Brandon Rhea, Product Marketing Manager at FANDOM and also the brilliant mind behind the official Wookieepedia Twitter account. This is a really fun episode and Brandon knows his stuff. We chat about Lasats, Hondo, ties between this episode and Battlestar Galactica, and how Peter hates prophecies. 

Check out Brandon's personal Twitter account @thebrandonrhea and check out the officially Wookieepedia account @wookofficial

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