Rebels Rebels Podcast

Preview Episode: S1E1 Part 1 - Spark of Rebellion

October 31, 2017

Note: This is a preview of our first episode. We will be dropping big chunks of episodes, all at one time, for maximum bingeage, in January 2018. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app for updates. 

Welcome to Rebels Rebels, the podcast where we explore the Star Wars expanded universe through an episode by episode deep-dive through the animated series Star Wars Rebels.

To celebrate the completion of the Star Wars Rebels story, we will release one companion podcast for each episode of Star Wars Rebels, and we will release them in large batches so that you can binge the series while listening to our podcast. 

In this episode: There is controversy in the first scene! We meet the gang, we compare lightsaber lengths, and try to rescue Wookees. We're doing a charactor study on Ezra and a deep dive into Lothal and the state of the Empire. 

There will be no guests for the first two episodes, but look forward to hearing some of our amazing rebel friends on later episodes. 

You can also connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or email the show at Leave us a review on iTunes and tell us your personal Star Wars grading scale. We'll read it on the show!

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