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[LEGENDS] Star Wars D&D Episode 3: The Importance of Reading

June 12, 2019

NOTE: These episodes of Star Wars D&D are now considered LEGENDS. The new CANON episodes were released in 2020.

ROLL INITIATIVE! Welcome to our new bonus series of podcasts, where we play Star Wars Dungeons and Dragons. This will be a fun campaign geared toward both D&D pros and those who have never had the pleasure of feeling a 20 sided die in their hands. 

The prison escape comes to a stunning conclusion, how will the Moof Troop get out of this one?!?

The party for this campaign:

Mike as DM (aka the Dungeon Menace)
Crystal Beth as the commanding and stealthy Ashana Tagge
Chris Sanchez as the passionate brawler Esai Purrieta
and Peter as the noble but timid Bruce Randau. 

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Five Armies, On The Shore, and El Musica by Kevin MacLeod (
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